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Since the dawn of time, human beings have gazed up at the night sky and wondered… What’s up there? How far does it go? Does it ever end? Well, wonder no longer! All these questions and more will be answered in Universarama! (Possibly).

Let Professor Johnson of the Squashbox Theatre Astounding And Amazing Astronomical Research Society (S.T.A.A.A.A.R.S) take you on a journey to the edges of space and time! Along the way we will explore the solar system, study the stars and constellations, visit distant galaxies, and hear the fascinating story of John Couch Adams, the Cornishman who discovered Neptune.


Using only silly puppets, ridiculous and unnecessary props, simple household objects and assorted fruits and vegetables, Professor Johnson will reveal the secrets of the universe!


Universarama! is a marvellous blend of spectacle, storytelling and cabaret, all contained within an accessible, funny and unique family show.  


For adults and children aged 7+

Universarama! is 60 minutes long. It requires a space of 4x4m, plus access to a standard power socket. Full technical specifications available on request.


"Universarama is a fact-packed exploration of the universe and our place in it... This is one of those rare theatrical triumphs that makes you want to drag everyone you know along - do not miss it!."

Lee Trewhela, The West Briton

"A wonderfully witty, richly comic, incredibly informative and quietly moving piece of theatre."

Douglas Fraser, Cornish Guardian

"A great storyline, catchy tunes and lots of humorous characters!"

Izella Hollida, Cornwall Young Promoters

Universarama is funded by Feast:

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