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Tales from the Trees

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Let Squashbox Theatre be your guide to the tremendous world of trees, from branch to leaf and twig to root, from berry to blossom and bark to fruit!

Meet Craig, the friendly Forest Ranger and resident tree expert. It’s his job to make sure the woods are a peaceful and happy place, but he’s having a tough time of it today!


A cheeky squirrel has stolen his Chocolate Covered Nutty Snack Bar™, his niece ‘Little Red’ has wandered off the path on her way to Granny’s house, the mysterious old Wizard of the Woods is playing tricks again, and there are even rumours of a big bad Wolf in the forest!  

Will Craig save the day? Come and find out, and along the way learn how to identify different trees, discover the wonder of photosynthesis, meet some friendly forest creatures and encounter crazy characters from folklore and fairy tales!

‘Tales from the Trees’ is a terrific tangle of puppetry, storytelling, live music and comedy, with a theme that embraces natural history, folklore and ecology.

Listen! The trees have tales to tell…

For children aged 5+ and their families

Tales from the Trees is 50 minutes long and requires a space of 3x3 mteres plus access to a standard power socket. Full technical details available on request.

"I just want to say how much I loved Tales from the Trees - one of your best!"

Rob Allerston, Phoenix Theatre, Bordon

"Thank you for performing with us again this year.  We loved your new show and the messages that came out of it – well done!"

Amanda McKean, Canterbury Festival

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