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For many children the experience of seeing a live performance in their school is invaluable, especially for those whose access to the arts is limited. Squashbox Theatre gives pupils a chance to see small-scale, intimate performances that are thought-provoking, informative, surprising and funny, and which use traditional skills in an innovative way.

I use several different kinds of puppet in my shows, including glove puppets, larger 'muppet' -style puppets and articulated card puppets. I enjoying playing with language, narrative and character, and employ a fast-paced cabaret-style format that keeps children fully engaged, whilst entertaining them with jokes, facts and audience interaction. 

All Squashbox Theatre shows can be performed in a school hall or large classroom (although the smaller the space the more limited audience numbers will be!). If space allows, I am happy to perform a show to the whole school, although accompanying workshops are for a class at a time.


Great for all ages, especially Reception + KS1, funny, silly and gentle

Themes: Cornwall, ocean life, animals, the sea shore, mermaids, recycling, beach safety 



Great for all ages, especially Reception + KS1, funny, silly and gentle

Themes: Cornish folklore, myths & legends, fairies, nature and the countryside, tolerance and diversity



Great for all ages, especially KS1 + KS2, funny, silly, energetic and exciting

Themes: animals, evolution, animal species & biology, mythical beasts, tolerance and diversity



Great for all ages, especially KS1 + KS2, funny, silly, energetic

Themes: trees, forests, photosynthesis, animals & wildlife, conservation, fairy tales



Great for all ages, especially KS1 + KS2, funny, silly, loud and exciting

Themes: dinosaurs, fossils, prehistoric life, geology, Cornish history, myths & legends



Great for all ages, especially KS2, funny, silly, energetic, a bit scary in places!

Themes: Greek myths & legends, monsters, heroes, Greek gods, bravery, tolerance and diversity



Great for all ages, especially KS2; funny, silly, educational, lots of science facts

Themes: space, science, astronomy, exploration, famous scientists, stars, planets, gravity, Cornish history

​I can also offer The Christmassy Christmas Show as a seasonal end of term festive treat!

Please contact me for further details.


Booking Squashbox Theatre 

for your school

"Squashbox Theatre produces exceptionally high-quality work which tours to areas currently under-served by touring theatre. Craig's performance is compelling to adults and children alike and is wholly inclusive to children of all abilities. His style is very interactive and engenders high levels of participation in his audiences."

Sarah Pym, The Works: Dance And Theatre Cornwall

"The best puppet show for schools that I have ever seen - the children were totally absorbed. Craig's interaction with children and staff was brilliant and as if this was not enough he also put on a fantastic workshop afterwards."

Geoff Smith, Head Teacher Kehelland School


Alongside my shows I offer exciting practical workshops including:

Puppet making: making articulated card puppets of sea creatures / piskies and faeries / dinosaurs and cavemen (depending on the show I do!). This workshop develops design skills, use of different tools and materials, thinking about shapes, space, pattern and textures, ideas about light, shadow, size and scale.
Storytelling: What is a story? How do stories work? Why do we like listening to them? In this workshop we will make up tall tales together and invent crazy characters, using some of my puppets as inspiration. This workshop develops language and narrative skills, speaking and listening, working together in groups.
Puppet-skills: thinking about different types of puppets, and how they work. An opportunity to operate some of the Squashbox Theatre puppets and make up short scenes with them. This workshop develops language and narrative skills, dexterity and co-ordination, working together in groups. (More suited to KS2).

Workshops are for up to 30 children with teacher support and can be adapted to suit different ages and keystages.

Workshops are also available for secondary schools (KS 3 & 4), colleges, nurseries, home education groups, youth clubs and community groups.

Please contact me for further details.


"Craig's excellently crafted and imaginative puppets had children and adults rolling on the floor with laughter. The Sea Show fits in perfectly with A Sense Of Place and can be used as an exciting tool to support the National Curriculum for English, Geography, History, Art and Design."

Abigail Squibb, Teacher Marazion School

"The workshop was excellent - well-resourced and stimulated all children."

Kate Jeffrey, Teacher Beacon Infants School

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