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Curious Creatures

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Welcome to the Curious Creatures wildlife park, established by Jeremiah Johnson: world-renowned explorer, zoologist and animal collector. Nobody knows more about animals than him.

Unfortunately, Jeremiah Johnson is currently lost somewhere in the jungles of Africa, so he has handed the running of the park over to his inexperienced nephew Craig… and things don’t quite go as planned.















Expect to meet curious creatures of all shapes and

sizes: from performing fleas, skateboarding snails and

gymnastic gerbils to irritable alligators, over-excited elephants, and a very intelligent orang-utan!

Learn about how animals evolved, how their amazing adaptations help them survive in the wild, and how animals can help us learn more about ourselves.

After all, we’re all related if you go back far enough!


Using puppets, comedy, slapstick and live music - plus lots of amazing natural history facts - Squashbox Theatre will uncover the mysteries of the animal kingdom.


(No animals were harmed in the making of this show.

But several puppets were mildly traumatised.)


For children aged 5+ and their families 
Curious Creatures is 50 mins long and requires a space of 3x3 mteres plus access to a standard power socket. Full technical details available on request.

"Curious Creatures is jam-packed with pretty much everything; facts are given to us without fear of overload and laughs are plentiful."

"My son and I came to the Minack Theatre today to see your show Curious Creatures. I just want to say it was AWESOME! I was really impressed and entertained and my son didn't fidget at all, which is rare!"

Audience feedback, Minack Theatre


"We loved Curious Creatures at the Minack last Thursday. Jago (20 months) was absolutely transfixed - a great first theatre performance for him."

Audience feedback, Minack Theatre

"Just to let you know that it's now October and the Chicken of Doom is still making appearances at our house. Pictures, stories, homework: he's everywhere!"

Audience feedback, Minack Theatre

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