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My fabulous album Squashbox Songs is now available as a physical CD or as a download!! Featuring songs and tunes from all your favourite Squashbox shows such as 'The Mermaid' (from The Sea Show), 'There Was A Blob' (from Curious Creatures), 'Tycho Brae' (from Universarama!), 'Rock Song' (from Stones and Bones) and 'I Love The Bees' (from Skillywidden).

The CD has 13 tracks, a mix of songs and tunes (with several crazy characters thrown in!), and instrumentation including accordeon, fiddle, ukulele, guitar, harmonica and percussion.


If you would like a CD, please email me at: and I will tell you all the details of how to order!

Digital Download

Download individual tracks or the whole album right here!

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'Squashbox Songs'

"We played your CD in the car throughout our holiday in Cornwall and have been playing it literally non-stop to this very day!"

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"My two boys simply LOVE your CD! They're currently sat on the sofa listening to it with the biggest smiles ever, making noises like a monkey. I can't thank you enough."

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'MORE Squashbox Songs!'

FINALLY, IT'S HERE! The long-awaited second volume of songs and music from Squashbox Theatre! This is an EP of sorts, containing only seven tracks, but every one is a winner. 
1: The Gods of Ancient Greece (C.Johnson) 
(from Myths and Monsters) An appeal to Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and all the other Olympians to help rescue me from the minotaur. (I'm accompanied on this track by the wonderful Phil Innes on mandola)

2: Quietly Saving the World (C.Johnson) 
(from Tales from the Trees) A celebration of our leafy friends and the wonder of photosynthesis: how trees make food out of sunshine and give us oxygen at the same time! (Once again, master of strings Phil Innes steps up, this time to play the ukulele)
3: Shiver and Scream (C.Johnson)
(from Shivers and Shadows) This is my Halloween homage to those spoooky 60's rock'n'roll songs like 'Monster Mash' - it even has a theramin in it!

4: Skillywidden's Song (C.Johnson)
Sung from the point of view of Skillywidden the Cornish pisky (hero of my show 'Skillywidden'), this is a joyful ditty about enjoying life and going with the flow. (Hey, it's Phil again, this time on banjo!)

5: Fish Girl Rhumba (C.Johnson)
This is a song I wrote ages ago and have always wanted to record. It's about having your heart broken by a mermaid, and has a melodramatic Latin feel.

6: Shadow Journey (C.Johnson)
(from Shivers and Shadows) I wrote this for the shadow puppet sequences in my Halloween show. It's a very fast waltz with a nightmarish fairground quality.

7: Dosvedanya (trad arr. C.Johnson)

This is a traditional Russian melody that I've been enjoying belting out on my accordeon for years. It's great fun to play as it starts slow and then gets faster and faster and faster!

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